5 Tips to Have a Healthy Super Bowl

Super Bowl Sunday, Super Bowl 2015, Super Bowl

Football season and weight gain go hand in hand. As much as we hate to admit it, watching the games, drinking beer, and sitting for hours at a time snacking on chips and all that, just doesn't help in the weight department. And the Super Bowl is the mother of all football games. Here are some crazy statistics that I learned from listening to The Chalene Show Podcast that can put this into perspective for you.

Super Bowl Sunday, Super Bowl 2015, Super Bowl, chips, snacks

  • 1 out of 4 football fans admit to gaining 10 lbs over the course of the NFL season.
  • 16% admit to gaining 20 lbs
  • Super Bowl Sunday is the 2nd biggest day of the year for food food consumption in the U.S. 2nd only to Thanksgiving. 
  • Americans spend more than 50 million dollars on food over the course of the 3-4 days leading up to the Super Bowl. 
  • 4000 tons of popcorn, 8 million pounds of guacamole, 14,000 tons of chips, and 5,000 pounds of hot dogs are consumed on Super Bowl Sunday.
  • Beer sales increase by 17.9 million dollars during Super Bowl week.
  • Pizza sales go up 44% on Super Bowl Sunday alone. 
  • 6% of NFL football fans call in sick the following Monday. 

If you have been working your butt of to reach your fitness goals, it is important to have a plan going into Super Bowl weekend. Just like you should have a plan for the holidays, it is important to have some healthy habits and coping mechanisms in place and ready to go on Super Bowl Sunday. Today I am going to give you some tips on HOW to do that. But first, lets understand WHY people tend to over eat on this day. 

Super Bowl Sunday, Super Bowl 2015, Super Bowl, bored

So lets face it most people who attend Super Bowl parties are not die hard fans watching the t.v. like a hawk for every single move. You are there to watch the game, but there is a lot of sitting around, and for long periods of time. Most people end up getting bored during the game, and what do you do when you are bored? You EAT! So my first tip to you would be to find a way NOT to be bored. Sit next to someone you enjoy talking to, or offer to help the host clean up. 

OK so here are my tips to help keep you on track, I got most of them from Chalene Johnsons podcast (highly recommend, go check it out!). 

#1 Get Your Workout In

Don't use Super Bowl Sunday as an excuse to skip your workout, if you have a party to go to, or need to prepare for guests, wake up earlier or do whatever it takes to get it in. Although you should workout, make sure you aren't going extra hard so much so that later in the day when you are surrounded by all that junk, your body is craving food and you go buck wild...get what I mean? Do a workout, but don't go crazy! 

#2 Come Prepared 

If you are headed to a party, bring your own healthy appetizer. It will make you seem like you are an awesome guest, AND will provide you at least ONE healthy option in case there are no other good choices there. If you search google or Pinterest for healthy Super Bowl appetizers, lots come up! Most of them others won't even know they are healthy if you don't tell them! If you want to see one of my favorites, click here! If you are the host of the party, YOU are in control of what is served, so make sure you are providing good food for your guests. If they want junk, they can bring it! 

#3 Find a Healthy Friend

Even if you don't know anyone else at the party, you can always tell who your healthy allies are...your Fitfam radar will go off! When you find that person stick by them, and strike up a conversation. It's always easier in my opinion when you have someone on your team by your side! 

#4 Eat With a Small Group 

When it's time to eat, eat with a group of 6 people or less. I found this really interesting, apparently there is a 76% higher chance of you consuming more calories than you normally would if you eat with more than 6 people, than you would if you eat with 6 or less...who knew? Ha. So this is because when you are in a smaller group, you are more aware of people watching what you are doing. This causes you to eat slower, and converse more while you are eating. When you are in groups larger than 6, there is too much going on and it is easier for you to hideout and stuff your face. Also, when its time to eat make sure to choose the smaller plate if they give you options between a larger and smaller. That way you aren't piling more than you can eat onto your plate forcing you to finish more than you actually need. 

#5 Arrive Late, and Get in Line Last for Food

Super Bowl Sunday, Super Bowl 2015, Super Bowl, last in line

Get to the party as late as possible, this will keep you from hanging around trying to find something to do and therefor snacking on everything in site. If you must get there earlier, offer to help the host set up to keep yourself busy. Once you are there, and its time to eat, be the last one in line! If you are the first in line, everything is available, and you are more likely to finish your first plate and already be back in line for seconds before everyone else got through. 

Super Bowl Sunday, Super Bowl 2015, Super Bowl, cheat meal, cheat day

Lastly, I'm not telling you guys not to have fun and enjoy yourself on Super Bowl Sunday. If this is your cheat day, and you planned for it, all the power to you! I am just giving those of you who don't want to royally mess up your plan that day some options to avoid it. If this is a day that you plan to cheat on, just make sure that you are ok with it. Enjoy your day, do your thing, and make sure you are not going to feel guilty about it tomorrow. 

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!! GO PATS!!

Super Bowl Sunday, Super Bowl 2015, Super Bowl, patriots,


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