How to stick to Your health and Fitness Plan on Vacation.

Just because you are going on vacation doesn't mean that you have to completely abandon your healthy lifestyle. Although it is more difficult to follow than being at home, it is totally doable. It took some time, but I have the sticking to my plan on vacation thing down! I still enjoy my time off, I just don't go overboard.

Tip # 1 Plan Ahead!

This is going to be my one and only tip because planning is crucial when it comes to sticking to your diet on vacation! Fail to plan? Plan to fail!


If you are driving to your destination then go food shopping before for healthy snacks. If you are staying in a hotel make sure to call and ask if they have a mini fridge in the room. If they don't, bring a cooler to fill with healthy snacks, and keep your food fresh. This will not only save you money, it will also keep you from being forced to make bad choices at the hotel vending machine. It will also be good to have some snacks to grab for when you are on the go and out all day. Often times hotels have continental breakfast where you can go and grab some apples and bananas to take with you! I also pack my blender so I can make my shakeology ever morning....yes I am addicted!

If you are heading out to eat, google popular restaurants in the area and check out their menu. By looking up several restaurants and checking out their menus, you can make an educated decision on what menu options would be best for you. 

If you happen to be staying in a rented house plan on making healthy meals together as a family or with your friends. I find that having themed nights makes it even more entertaining. Get everyone involved in the process and make a night out of it. Some of my favorite healthy meal nights are Chinese, Mexican, Italian themed, or even a make your own pizza night. There are lots of great recipes on pinterest and other sites when you search for "healthy Chinese food recipes" etc. 


If you are flying, go to the airport prepared! My biggest issue is finding healthy options in the airport. I avoid being forced into making bad decisions by coming as prepared as possible. I load up my carry on with apples, almonds, shakelogy packets, and a shaker cup. If It is a longer trip I will make a healthy roll up and pack that as well. Once I am through security I grab some waters and I am good to go. 

Getting in your workouts!

Whether you are flying, driving, staying in a rental, or a hotel, planning ahead will be KEY for your workouts. If you are at a hotel call ahead or check the website to see what the hotel gym is like. If the hotel doesn't have a gym click here for some ideas on workouts to do in your room. If you are staying at a rental, bring your own workout dvds and the equipment you need to get it in. You can also check the area around you and find local gyms that you can pay to use while you are there. If those options don't sound appealing to you than plan activities that will keep you moving. Rent a stand up paddle board, go for a hike, run, or swim...just keep yourself moving! 

I always see people work so hard to look good for their vacations, just to gain and all back and feel unhealthy when they get there. It makes no sense to me. You worked hard to get where you are, did you really do it just for that one week? You can still have fun and let loose while sticking to your plan. Don't use being on vacation as an excuse to go overboard. 

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