Day 1 of the 3 Day Refresh

      Today was day 1 of the 3 Day Refresh. This is my third time doing this cleanse, and I will admit that each time it gets easier.

I started the morning with a vegan shakeology blended with water and half of a frozen banana. I absolutely love that shakeology is a part of this cleanse because it is my go to every morning. I am sure that it would be more difficult if I was not allowed to have it! I usually have coffee in my shakeology, so that is a switch, but I have had no caffeine withdrawals which is good!

3 day refresh, shakeology, breakfast

About an hour after breakfast comes my least favorite part of the cleanse...the fiber sweep. Although the fiber sweep doesn't taste bad, I am not a fan of the consistency. It reminds me of drinking apple sauce. I find that blending it with some ice helps to get it down easier. 

3 day refresh, cleanse, fiber sweep

At least an hour after the fiber sweep comes lunch time! It may not look like much, but it was very filling. Today I chose a cup of sliced cucumber, 2 tablespoons of hummus, and a vanilla protein shake with frozen strawberries. I found that the shake paired with the veggies and protein really is the perfect amount of food. I was very satisfied.

3 day refresh, lunch, vanilla fresh protein shake, cleanse

In between all of my meals I make sure to keep up with my water intake so that I stay properly hydrated, and keep any hunger cravings at ease. 

At least 1 hour after lunch is snack time. I like to hold out for closer to 2 hours because I eat dinner later at night. This time around I decided to try one of the juice options for a snack. They provide you with juice recipes in the book to try out, and I went for the 'Beet The Clock Juice'. It may not look that great, but it was really good! It consisted of green apple, sliced raw beets (I used yellow), raw celery sticks, and raw ginger. I loved the taste, and also found it to be very filling. Just in case the juice alone wasn't enough, you also get to choose a serving from the vegetables. I was in a rush so just grabbed some celery.

3 day refresh, juicing option, snack, cleanse

I got a workout in between snack and dinner time. I try to hold off on dinner as long as I can because I am a night owl, and that can cause me to get hungry when I should be sleeping! I chose to go with the veggie stir fry for dinner. This is my favorite recipe from the refresh. It is so simple and easy to make yet really fills you up and tastes delicious. This is a dinner option I make even when I am not cleansing. If I was just having the stir fry alone I might have been hungry, but paired with the vanilla protein shake it was the perfect amount of food. 

                                           3 day refresh, veggie stir fry, cleanse, vanilla fresh protein shake

Overall day 1 was a success. I was not feeling hungry, and the food was delicious. I will be trying to head to bed earlier than normal to keep myself from wanting to snack late night from now on.

On to day 2!


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