Introducing the 21 Day Fix Extreme

If you haven't heard about the 21 Day Fix, you might be living under a rock. Since the fix was released a year ago there have been colorful
autumn calabrese, 21 day fix extreme, 21 day fix results
containers taking over newsfeeds and pinterest boards. If you are one of those people who happen to have been living under a rock, click here! 

With the release of the 21 Day Fix came some SERIOUS results! The shorter 30 minute workouts paired with the easy to follow meal portion container system meant success for so many who struggled with workouts and nutrition! For me, I was good with my nutrition, but I don't think I was getting enough of certain foods per day. That was causing me to not be able to build muscle, which is what I wanted. Meal planning each week, and having it all laid out for me really helped me stick to a plan, and see the results I was wanting to see. As I started to run more and more fix challenge groups, I couldn't ignore the amazing success that people were having with the program! My cousin Jo Dee and I went on a 21 Day Fix journey together, and round up some of her fans to join us. We have been doing round after round for months now. People have seen the results they wanted, but are ready to move on to another challenge. 

autumn calabrese, 21 day fix extreme, 21 day fix results
autumn calabrese, 21 day fix extreme, 21 day fix results
The 21 Day Fix is a great way to start, but what do you do when you get those workouts down, and that eating down, and still want something more?? Autumn Calabrese creates the 21 Day Fix Extreme, that's what! The 21 Day Fix Extreme will be released Feb. 2nd for people who have a Team Beachbody Coach (if you need a coach click here), and is meant to take your fitness to the next level.   

autumn calabrese, 21 day fix extreme,
I am particularly excited for this program because it is meant to really get you the results you want! I am headed to Cancun in April, and plan on using the fix extreme to get me not just beach ready, but BEACH READY! ha! The extreme brings harder workouts, will build,tone, and define your body,  and tighten up that nutrition! This program is basically what Autumn uses to get ready for her fitness competitions...and if you have seen pics from that...lets just say I'm sold! 

Who is this program for?

Sorry folks, I wouldn't recommend this program to everyone, and here is why. If you are new to fitness or just starting out, I would recommend that you do the original 21 Day Fix before jumping into the extreme. 

21 day fix extreme, fitness, 21 day fix, autumn calabrese,

I would recommend this program to those of you who are familiar with fitness, and looking to have dramatic results in a short time frame. If you are prepping for a vacation, photo shoot, show, know you will be running into your ex in 21 days and want to look good ;) then this is the program for you! I would also recommend this program for people who are seriously motivated and want to push themselves to bring their fitness to the next level. This is an advanced program, and will bring you advanced results! 

What are the details?

Just like the original fix this is a 21 day program where you do 1 30 minute workout each day. You can do the workout in the comfort of your own home with little space needed. You will need weights or resistance bands, I like to have a light set, a medium set, and a heavy set. 

For a little extra motivation and accountability I will be hosting a 21 Day Fix Extreme Test Group for those of you who are serious and want to make that commitment. This will be a closed, private, online group where I personally mentor you through the program. I will be going through it along side of you! (I'm pumped). We will dig deep into meal planning, prepping, and achieving the results we want! The program is set to be released Feb. 2nd, but I am accepting applications now so that come release date, we can order and get it asap! 

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, fill out the application below and secure your spot in our test group! 
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