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I just returned home from a weekend away. I was in Pittsburgh for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's woman of the year gala. My friend and fellow coach Katy had been nominated and a couple of us went to support her. Throughout the weekend I found myself reflecting on how much life has changed over the past three years. I still remember the day I took my first ever 'before pictures'. That day I told myself that, "Today was the first day of the rest of my life". A phrase that had been thrown around so many time before, this time had more meaning attached. I was right...that was the first day of the rest of my life. 

Over those three years I lost pounds, gained confidence, and surrounded myself with inspirational of them being Katy! Before taking that initial before picture I was unhappy. I felt unhealthy physically, mentally, and stuck. Instead of working on myself and taking steps to change for the better, I would drink...a lot! It was a vicious cycle and sadly one that could have continued my whole life if I had never taken that initial step to change. 

My friend Rachel could see the pain I was in and decided to help me make a change by bringing me to the gym. It was good in theory, but my major ADD paired with low self esteem and stubbornness were getting me limited if any results. That is when Rachel told me about a fitness challenge group that her college roommate was holding on facebook and ask me if I wanted to join. I thought 'what the heck' and gave it a chance...

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After going through the initial challenge and not only seeing results, but FEELING them as well I decided to continue with this journey. I joined as a coach and started to build a side business in addition to my full time job working for the family flooring company. I would run challenge groups for my friends and check in with them in my spare time. At first I was just doing it for an extra income, but quickly realized that this was something that I wanted to do full time. 

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So what did I do? I slowly but surely built my business and worked when I could until I was able to leave the family business and pursue coaching full time. After I built my confidence back up, building my business was second nature to me. All I had to do was share my story, what I was doing, and the fitness and nutrition tips that helped me with my progress. I started following clean eating recipes and becoming better in the kitchen which I would then also share with people. I started reading personal development, and learning about the business every spare moment I had. In time, my friends and family could see how much I was changing. They noticed that I was fit, happy, more social, and had a new outlook on life. They all wanted to feel the way I was, so they joined! That was when I knew that I could make this a full time gig. 

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I loved running challenge groups and answering peoples questions. No offense to my family, but flooring did not excite me. I am the type of person who constantly wants to learn new things, meet new people, and be active. That just wasn't happening where I was at and was leaving me feeling like I was meant to do more than I was. I started moving forward in my coaching business and you know what? It felt good! It felt good to help people, and to realize that I  had found something I was good at! 

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When I started coaching I was already working two jobs. I would leave the family business at 4:00 pm and head over to a Mexican restaurant where I would serve until it closed. Most nights I did not get home until after midnight, but I was still able to grow my coaching business. Eventually I quit my second job, and then my first making coaching #1.

This business can be built on your time. If there is a will, there is a way. Coaches make it work for them! Sometimes that takes a little sacrifice, but in the end it is worth it. 

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I decided to write this post today to help other people who may be feeling stuck in life, or in a slump, and invite them to join my team as a beachbody coach. Maybe you are interested in taking that first step to get in shape and transition into a coach down the line, or maybe you are already fit and need a career change or something that ignites your passion. Maybe you just want the freedom to work the way YOU want to work when you want to work...

I know with all my heart that THIS was what I was meant to do. It might just be that for you too! So today I am inviting you to join me and let me teach you how to build a business that could change the way you live! 

 May 18th - May 22nd I will be running a 5 day behind the scenes giving the Real Deal on all things Beachbody Coaching. This is a closed group where you can ask questions, and get the low down on what we do as coaches, how our team is run, and what it means to be a coach on our team. I will also provide you with all the information needed to make a decision on whether coaching is for you or not. To join the 5 Day Real Deal click the link below, and request to join. If you are not on facebook send me a message at 

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I can't wait to meet you and introduce you as the newest member of our team! Don't worry, we have each others back on this team and you will not be left to fend for yourself. We have weekly team calls, training, and consider each other one big family! Aside from that I am going to mentor 10 new people 1:1 this month to make SURE that they get the attention they need to succeed in this business. Integrity, putting the customer first, and passion is what this team was founded on, and we welcome new people with the same ideals! 

To apply for your spot in the 1:1 mentorship please fill out the application below!

Fill out my online form.


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