Beyond the workout selfies: Beachbody Super Saturday Recap

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This weekend was the quarterly Team Beachbody event which they hold in cities all over the country. Normally I would attend one in Boston, but decided to head out to Pittsburgh to celebrate our coaching team being #1 in the company. Any coach on any team can attend any of these events, you can actually just be interested in coaching or wanting to see what they are about and still attend. You do not have to be a coach at all. The reason we have these meetings are to get the latest on what is happening within the company, hear all new announcements, and connect with other coaches and teams. 

The Announcements!

2017 Success Club Trip: Punta Cana

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This is always my favorite announcement to hear because I absolutely LOVE these success club trips! In 2017 our trip will be in Punta Cana! The cool thing about this trip is that anyone can earn there chance to be there no matter what rank you are in the business, when you signed up, if you are full time or not. You have the chance to earn an all inclusive trip for you AND A GUEST just by helping 3-5 people each month start their health and fitness journey. Basically we earn $5 toward our trip for every point we earn. What that means for those of you not in the business is that if you help 3-5 new people each month, your entire trip is paid for by the company. Back in 2014 when I heard I got to be on a ship with my man crush Shaun T, that is what motivated me to get going with this business. I was one of those people who didn't love going away just to drink all day on a beach so the thought of  being on a trip with my favorite trainers and other motivated people who would still workout and have their party fun too was super appealing to me. After that first trip I knew I would never miss it! The celebrity trainers such as Autumn Calabrese from the 21 Day Fix and Tony Horton from P90X not only attend by lead the workouts, there are all types of fun parties and events planned by the company, and I always leave with new friends. 

New Shakeology Flavor: Cafe Latte 

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Another announcement that was made was the release of a brand new Shakeology flavor, Cafe Latte on January 11th. For those of you who know me you know that I love putting coffee in my shake, but know what I don't love? Having the jitters! This new flavor is perfect for people who need a little variety in their shakes. Although it has the word Cafe in it, there is no more caffeine than any of the other flavors. The Cafe part actually comes from the coffee fruit.

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Aside from the announcements we got to hear from our CEO Carl Daikeler as well as the creator of the 21 Day Fix, Autumn Calabrese. Hearing from them was my favorite part because of how real and honest they both are. Just like us they both have their struggles and had so many failures to get to where they are today. Carl's vision and integrity is what has kept me with Team Beachbody for over 3 years now. They celebrated and recognized the leaders on our team, awarded Melanie her top coach vase, and inspired every single person in attendance. In addition to Carl and Autumn, we got to hear from 2 amazing women about their journey with Beachbody. At the end hundreds of people changed into their workout clothes and rocked out with master trainer Kam, and other live instructors from our team! 

The event didn't stop there, our team made a weekend out of it. Since we hosted our Super Saturday on Friday night, Saturday was filled with workouts, training, and parties! 

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Saturday morning we woke up and did a live workout with several of the team instructors followed by business training from the leaders of our team. 

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Saturday night we had a dinner for all the diamond coaches, and then a mega party with the entire team which involved drinks, food, and most importantly karaoke!! 

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I am so lucky to be part of such an amazing, talented team. I went into the weekend feeling a little off, and left with my passion reignited, filled with ideas on how to improve, and excitement for the future of my team. Aside from all that I laughed my ass off, danced my ass off, and enjoyed good company! I have a vision for my team in 2016 and am looking for passionate, motivated people to join me. 

Are you interested in joining me? Fill out the application below and lets talk! 

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