New Year New You: Best Year of Your Life

This was me January 7th, 2012. I was determined...determined to never look or feel the way I did in this picture ever again. After years of talking about turning my life around, getting in shape, and developing confidence...I finally was going to do it. This photo was a representation of the old me...the person I was saying goodbye to. On that day, I knew that I would never be the person in this photo ever again and that made me happy. The photo was one of 6 before photos I took on the first day of my first ever fitness challenge group. It was a New Year, New You group and I could not wait for the new me. I had said I would make the change a million times before, but this time something felt different! 

I had no idea what to expect from a challenge group, all I knew was that I was going to push play on my workout every day, drink my Shakeology, and post about it in a private Facebook group. At that time I had zero self-esteem, and major anxiety so it scared the shit out of me to be in a group of strangers posting about a workout. I had come to the conclusion that being shy and lacking confidence was just part of my personality...something that would never change...something I was born with. By joining the challenge I expected to lose some weight, and that was my goal.

Very quickly within the first month, I began to notice changes within myself. I noticed that my pants were fitting better, that I had more energy, and was smiling more. I also noticed that I began to stand up taller, speak louder, and look people in the eye. At the time I didn't realize what it was, but I was developing confidence. There was something about the fact that I was showing up every day, putting in the work, and getting stronger that just made me proud!

I became addicted...addicted to bettering myself. The feeling of accomplishment that completing a workout and eating right each day gave me was exactly what I needed to stand up in other areas of my life as well. I started to think about my future in different terms. I wasn't just thinking about making money or material things, I started to think about what my purpose on this earth truly was. I was making lasting change and growth in all aspects of my life, and it felt damn good. For the first time in my life, I was proud of myself. 

So what was it that made me change for good this time? This is a question I have thought about often over the past 5 years. Timing played a big role. I was at a crossroads in my life where I could continue the way I was forever, or I could make a change. Aside from timing I had the tools to succeed. Easy to follow workouts that I could do at home paired with finally understanding nutrition was key. I didn't have to go to a gym where I felt self-conscious, I didn't have to know what to do because I could follow the television, and I had the support of an entire group of people who were going through the same thing as me. On top of that, I had a coach who answered all of my questions and concerns no matter how silly they seemed...I had support. 

Calling a challenge group New Year New You is pretty freaking ballsy. Does losing weight make you a new person?? Absolutely not. Know what does? Recognizing that YOU are capable of changing your life, and then taking the steps to get there. Joining a challenge group and seeing results gave me confidence. It helped me to realize that with a little effort, I could change all aspects of my life. Was it easy to do? Yes and no. Yes because all you need to make it happen is to decide, and no because it takes effort, consistency, and going against the norm. Most people are satisfied just complaining about the things they wish were different. Why? Because that means they don't have to put in the work. If you put in the work, your life will reach heights you never would have imagined. I want to help you do that.

So how do I plan on helping you create lasting change in your life with my New Year, New You challenge? I'm going to coach you every step of the way. I am going to take everything I have learned over the past 6 years and help you to embody it in just 60 days. I've read countless books, been to seminars with some of the most powerful life coaches, and immersed myself in positive growth and learning. I want to spread my knowledge to you all. The bad news is that I can't do it for you...I can't make you workout, eat right, read personal development, or drink your water...all I can do is show you to CHANGE your is up to YOU to actually do it. Are you in?

I take my New Year group very seriously so I am limiting the number of people that I let join me this round. I want to make sure that I can give each member of the group the proper attention they need to thrive and achieve results.

 If you want to be one of those people, please fill out the application below ASAP. I am taking serious applicants only, and spots will fill up fast. Make 2018 the year you stop talking shit, and start making it happen! 

Fill out my online form.


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