Information OVERLOAD! CIZE, Beachbody Performance, Shakeology Boosts

We have some exciting new product releases, challenge packs, and sales that have come up since our trip to the Team Beachbody coach summit last week! There is a lot of information so I'm going to get right into it!

First off as most of you have probably noticed from the goofy videos of people trying to dance in your facebook newsfeeds, Shaun T's new dance program CIZE has been officially released. Now I will admit I was NOT expecting to like this program. I thought it was going to be too easy and that I would hardly break a sweat...I was wrong! Not only do I break a sweat but I definitely feel as if I am getting my cardio on AND improving my dance skills (maybe...). The CIZE Challenge Pack is on sale this month for $140. You can get your copy here!

Beachbody's new supplement line, Beachbody Performance has also been officially released and they have a sampler pack for you all to try! If you would like to try the sampler pack, click here!
They have also added a challenge pack where you can get some of the performance line supplements and the Beachbody on Demand together in a package for $140. If you are interested in that check it out here!

They also surprised us with a brand new product release, Shakeology Boosts!

If you are feeling like you need a little extra something something add a scoop of whichever boost you need!

For some extra Focused Energy, click here!

Lacking in the veggie department? No problem, add a boost of power greens! Click here!

Or maybe you're needing a little extra digestive help? Click here for a digestive health boost!

There are a few other exciting things that were discussed at Coach Summit including a brand new program to be released this coming December, but I will leave all of that information for when the time gets closer. 

In the meantime I have several challenge groups starting in the month of August revolving around the 21 Day Fix, as well as the CIZE program! If you are interested in joining either one fill out the application below and secure your spot!! I would love to get my CIZE on with all of you! 

Fill out my online form.


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