What is the All-Access Beachbody on Demand Challenge Pack

All-Access Beachbody on Demand challenge pack, New Year New you, challenge group, at home fitness, streaming, stream workouts

This past Monday we got some really exciting news from Beachbody. On December 27th the company will be launching a brand new All-Access Beachbody on Demand Challenge Pack. What does that mean?? It means that customers will have access to the entire Beachbody library...any program ever made OR that WILL be made in the following year, all streaming to their device put together nicely in a challenge pack with Shakeology, and The Portion Fix. 

All-Access Beachbody on Demand challenge pack, New Year New you, challenge group, at home fitness, streaming, stream workouts

There are over $6,000 worth of programs to be streamed! I grew up in a household that resisted change. My mother REFUSED to get us an answering machine because she, "didn't believe in them". I believe THAT is the reason I catch myself feeling old trying to keep up with technology. I remember working out to Power 90 on a VHS tape and now everything is streaming! These days streaming is not just for Netflix and chill…but also for your workouts!

What’s so great about the All-Access Beachbody Challenge Pack? 

Well for one I think it is amazing that the company took notice of current trends and took action on what would benefit their customers most. They found that people go through phases in their fitness throughout the year. There are time when you are going to be really into a fitness program, and times when you are going to want to take a step back. The All-Access Challenge Pack allows customers to easily have fitness at their fingertips when THEY are ready for it! Instead of having to buy a new program every time you feel like getting back into working out, why not just have a subscription to ALL of the programs for an entire year for you to access ANY TIME YOU WANT! 

My first ever Beachbody program was called Les Mills Pump. I joined a challenge group with a coach who helped me to understand clean eating, motivated me, offered support, and most importantly got me hooked up with Shakeology (which seriously helped with my cravings). All of those components together led to success. I didn’t want to stop after my first fitness program, so I bought another. I went on to do P90X which I loved and got even more results with. After that it was Insanity, then Body Beast, T25, 21 day Fix, Fix Extreme, Piyo, Hammer and Chisel, Max 30, 22 minute Hard Core, Country Heat, Core De Force…and the list goes on and on. For me, the programs and the challenge groups helped me to get my results…I know that they work if we do!

All-Access Beachbody on Demand challenge pack, New Year New you, challenge group, at home fitness, streaming, stream workouts

I love that Beachbody strives to stay at the forefront of innovation. They want the best for their customers and coaches which is why they are releasing the All-Access Challenge Pack. This challenge pack gives customers access to every program ever made by Beachbody. That includes programs like T25, Insanity, P90, P90X, 21 Day Fix, Country Heat, Chalene Extreme, Piyo, Core De Force, Body Beast, Hammer and Chisel, and more all on a digital library that you can access from anywhere. In addition to the program library, any new releases will automatically show up as well giving you full access as soon as they are released at no additional charge for the entire 12 months. How crazy is that? Starting on December 27th you will be able to purchase the All-Access on Demand + Shakeology Challenge pack. This is an amazing opportunity to get some serious results and have access to any program you want for an entire year.

All-Access Beachbody on Demand challenge pack, New Year New you, challenge group, at home fitness, streaming, stream workouts, Jaime Messina

Here is what’s included in the Package:

  • 1 Year membership to Beachbody on demand with all content included, plus future releases.
  • 30 Day Supply of Shakeology (Your choice of flavor)
  • Portion Fix (7 piece meal portion control container system, eating guide, Large blue container, shaker cup)
  • Business starter kit waived if you choose to sign up as a coach.
  • You get ALL of this for $199 (that's crazy if you ask me!)

This is over a $6000 value all for $199. This is a great deal for you, but here is why I am so excited as your coach. I get to help people choose whatever program THEY want to reach THEIR goals. We can start with 3 Week Yoga Retreat, then move onto the 21 Day Fix, then Hammer and Chisel if they wanted. Whatever fits THEIR needs at the time, I am there to help them through it. Whatever goal you are going for at that time, I have the knowledge and expertise to know which program will get you there and together we can reach YOUR goals.

Each program has a digital nutrition plan, workout schedule, and tracking sheets so you are never left questioning what workout to do or what to eat! This is not about “a diet”, this is about making a lifestyle change and having it customized to YOU. If you are wanting to make a change in 2017, this is the package that will help you do that.

I was that person that every single year my New Years resolution was to get into shape. Every single year I had failed my resolution by the 2nd month. I had wanted to get into shape, but I never really knew what to do. I would go to the gym, walk on the treadmill, then come home and eat popcorn because I thought I earned it. That is not the way to get into shape. Having the guidance of a coach, a program laid out for me that I could do in my own living room, and an easy to follow nutrition plan is what worked for me. I didn’t have to think about what workouts to do, what meals to eat, I just followed the plan. If you are like I was and want THIS to be the year that you get results I want you to join me! 

Take advantage of the All-Access Beachbody on Demand challenge pack and join me in my New Year BeachbodyHealth Bet Challenge Group! I am there to help you set and reach your goals, support you along the way, and get you the results you KNOW that you deserve.

My New Year Beachbody Health Bet Challenge begins on January 2nd and is the added motivation you’ll need to stay on track. Together we will set obtainable goals and I will be by your side to help you reach them. Log your workouts, nutrition, and shakeology into the Beachbody Challenge Tracker App and qualify to earn your piece of a $2 Million dollar pot! Want to know what it’s all about? Read more here.

So what are the final details of the All-Access Beachbody on Demand Challenge Pack?

  • The Annual All-Access Beachbody on Demand Challenge pack is $199
  • The Annual All-Access Beachbody on Demand Membership is $99
  • If you are an existing Beachbody on Demand customer you will have to cancel your current membership by calling customer service at 1-800-470-7870 and let them know you want the all access. The price will be adjusted.
  • There is also a Kickstart option which gives you the entire All-Access Beachbody on Demand + Shakeology  package with the 3 Day refresh cleanse as well for $239.
  • This package will be available on Dec. 27th and new and current customers are eligible for purchase.

Let’s start 2017 off on a good foot. Get yourself set up now with the programs, nutrition, and support to succeed! To join me in my New Year group with the All-Access Challenge Pack, fill out the application below! I look forward to hearing from you!  

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