Shakeology: Make it right.

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When I got my first shipment of Shakeology delivered I couldn't wait to go try it out. I put some water in the blender with a couple ice cubes and the shake powder. For someone who hadn't been eating healthy, I was not impressed. It wasn't because it tasted bad, it was just nothing to write home about. It took me a little, but after a few tries I perfected it. Now I am going on two years of drinking it, and very rarely miss a day. Had I based my opinion of Shakeology on my first attempt at making it, I most likely would not still be drinking it. That is why I am writing this post with you all in case you need a little guidance making your first shake. Now I am basically addicted and pretty much freak out if I run out of Shakeology before my shipment comes in. 

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There are lots of good recipes to go by when making your shakes, but I will share with you my favorite. I make my shake in the morning because I am NOT a morning person and will choose sleep over breakfast always. Making a shake takes me 2 minutes max, so it is easier than cooking breakfast. I also LOVE frozen coffee drinks. Back in the day I would kill at least one frappuccino a day until I found out the calorie count...yikes. Luckily I found a solution for my frozen coffee drink craving and made myself a little shakeology coffee coolata type deal.

The good thing about shakeology is that whatever you are craving there is either a recipe already out there that satisfies that, or you can make one up yourself. I know I for one LOVE me some Reeses peanut butter cups!

shakeology recipe, reeses peanut butter cups, cravings

And some thin mints...

shakeology recipe, cravings, girl scout cookies

And caffeine....oops 

shakeology recipe, coffee, espresso, energy

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