Sticking to your plan on the road...literally!

One of the most frequent struggles that I hear from my challengers is sticking to their fitness and meal plan while traveling either for work, or play. I have touched upon this subject in posts before, but I am now coming at it from a whole new perspective. In the past I have traveled by plane or car, and stayed in a hotel room, but now I can add tour bus to the list. If you can stick to your plan while traveling on a tour bus, you can do anything! 

Jo Dee Messina's tour bus

The most important factor when it comes to sticking to your plan, is preparation! If you don't prepare, it is going to be pretty don't even take the chance, just do it! This particular bus ride was a 14 hour drive from Nashville, to Minnesota. Jo Dee and I spent the day before prepping all of our meals for the bus ride. We may have hogged most of the room in the bus fridge, but we weren't left twiddling our thumbs come meal time! We also made sure to pack our blender, bring our shakeology, and make coffee to stick in the fridge for our shakes the next morning. 

meal prep

So not sure if you all have ever been on a tour bus, but there is NOT a lot of space. When you aren't sitting in the front of back watching t.v. , you are stuck in a tiny little bed. There is not much space to walk around, so working out on the bus is not in the equation. Being on the bus all day, and sleeping on the bus can really throw you off. I am usually up and ready to go by 8 a.m. the latest! This past weekend while sleeping on the bus, I get a text from Jo Dee asking if I was up was 10:30! When you close the little curtain on your bunk, it is dark...really dark. I had kept making myself go back to sleep because I thought it was in the middle of the night...oops. 

tour bus bunks

Obviously when you travel things won't be perfect. All you can do is your best, and when you get home put it behind you. Since we couldn't get our workout in ON the bus, Jo Dee and I made sure to bring everything we needed to get it in OFF the bus...even my pre-workout drink !

pre workout, E&E, shakeology

We started our morning off with a run through Minnesota. Jo Dee must of had some extra energy that morning, or I must of been dragging because she was leaving me in the dust. 

Jo Dee Messina Running

That is ok though, while Jo Dee hauled butt through Minnesota, Jo Carol and I decided to take pictures! 

crazy ladies

When we got back to the bus, the workout didn't stop there...we still needed to get our 21 day fix in! We had a little area set up, and our computer ready to go, with the fix DVDs right outside the bus. 

A woman who was working the show later that night even joined in with us. It was pretty awesome if you ask me. She saw us working out, and in jeans and all came over and did the whole thing with us! Jo Dee was so impressed that later that night she got a picture with her! 

Jo Dee Messina

Since we were prepared, we didn't waste any time running around scrambling trying to find healthy food, or a gym. That left Jo Dee plenty of time to get ready for her show that night (which she ROCKED!). Moral of the story is...even if you are stuck on a bus for 14 hours each way, with limited room, tiny little beds, and 8 other people, you can still stick to your health and fitness plan...IF YOU PREPARE!


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