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Lately I have been doing a lot of thinking about where I would be in my life had I never became a Beachbody coach. For me, this goes way beyond a fitness transformation. I decided I will give you all a little incite into my life pre-coaching. 

I'll start from when I was a very little kid. I always felt like I was different than the other kids. I was always thinking about others, and found myself being worried about things that kids just should't be worried about. My dad once told me a story about when I was about 4 years old I saw a man in a wheel chair and started asking questions. My dad started answering them and very quickly

realized that I didn't care that the man was different, but I was feeling a great deal of empathy for him. That followed me through my entire life.

I had always felt like I was meant for something great, I was meant to be an agent of change, and meant for something more than average. As time went on I became shy, and self conscious, but even in high school I still was a leader. I was the captain of my high school hockey team, and president of my sophomore class. I knew I wanted to lead, I just really didn't know how to grasp it just yet. 

Let's fast forward a few years to my mid twenties. As I grew up and life happened, I dealt with lots of things that changed me in a not so positive way. I was overweight as a child, which led to being made fun of, which lead to low self esteem, a lack of confidence, and social anxiety. Those negative things overcame all the good in my life, and I became that shy person who never stood up for herself, never thought she was good enough, and saw no real future for herself. My social anxiety got so bad, that the only way I could be in a room full of people was to drink my face off. That lead to poor decisions, depression, and feeling even more like a failure. 

Although I felt all those negative things, every now and then that feeling of being meant for more would pop back up. It got to a point where I kept going deeper and deeper into a black hole of destruction...THAT is when I found Beachbody. Yes the challenge groups, and the fitness programs are what got me started, but it was the coaching opportunity that completely changed my life.

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 When I joined the Dream Team I started to realize the ripple effect that becoming a coach really has. On the Beachbody cruise in April of last year my coach had us go around the table at dinner and talk about how we found Beachbody and what it has done for us. Hearing all of their stories, including my own really opened my eyes to how this is SO much more than just a workout program and shakeology. It is real lives being changed for the better, and it truly does have a ripple effect! That feeling I use to have as a child that I was meant for something more, started to make sense. THIS could be it, THIS could be how I can make a difference in the world! 

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Have you ever heard the saying, "you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with" ? Well, it's true! If you surround yourself with negative people who are bad influences, your life will be negative. When you surround yourself with positive people who lift you up, your life will be positive. Ever since I joined as a coach, my life has only gone in the right direction. Of course there are set backs, failures, bad things happen...that is life, and life happens! But being around these people has changed how I deal with life when it DOES happen. 

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As I get further along in this coaching thing, my confidence continues to grow. I KNOW with all my heart that this is suppose to be my platform, how I am meant to help others in this world. That feeling has been in me since 4 years old, and it feels good to now have a way to do it. We have been blessed with the right opportunity, and the right platform, at exactly the right time and I am taking advantage of that. This opportunity is so much more than a fitness program, than a nutrition shake, than a way to make money....this is about how YOU can make a difference in this world. If you want to learn more about what coaching is about, I invite you to join my 5 Day Sneak Peak into Coaching group on Facebook! See what the ins and outs are, what it takes to be a coach, and if it is right for you! You never know the ripple effect that YOU might have on others! If you would like to join me please send me a message on my facebook like page at

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I would love to have you, and provide you with the information to shape your life, and so many others! 

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