21 Day Fix Extreme: Week 1 Review, Week 2 Meal Plan

I have just completed my first full week of the 21 Day Fix Extreme, and I am still pretty excited about it! I was coming off of 60 days or MAX:30 and lets just say I was having trouble during that program when it came to nutrition. I saw results, but not what I was hoping for with the holiday food, and traveling. 1 week into the fix extreme, and I can already see results, and I feel better! 

Jaime Messina, beachbody coaching team, TeamBStrong

The workouts are intense, but doable, and they use weights...just how I like them! If you thought pilates in the regular 21 Day Fix was tough, wait until you try pilates extreme! We tried out the bonus dvd that came in the fix this week at fit club, and lets just say by the end we were dying!!

I have been diligent with my meal planning, and prep, so this week was easy to stick to my plan! Without the meal plan, I would be in the same boat that I was in last week, so make a plan! 

I started testing out some of the recipes, and there were definitely some highlights! The egg muffins are easy to make, and awesome for an easy to grab snack, the meat loaf was really good and I was feeling full and fulfilled after eating it! It was good to have a clean eating recipe for meatloaf that I can now share with my mom (I love her meatloaf, but can't eat it). 

21 day fix extreme recipe, meat loaf, meal plan, meal prep

Also, every 3rd day I tried out the countdown to competition plan, and it wasn't bad at all! I will admit I am not a huge cod fan, so I mostly replaced the cod with egg whites, but I wasn't feel hungry on those days, and I think it helped with my progress. 

Now onto week 2! I already made my meal plan, did my food shopping and prepped. I even tried the Cashew N' Oats Hotcakes recipe this morning, and was very pleased! They totally satisfied my pancake craving! Recipes to come...

21 day fix extreme meal plan, meal planning, 21 day fix, recipes, jaime messina,

21 day fix extreme, meal plan, recipes, cashew n oat hot cakes, food prep, jaime messina

I am pumped to see what kind of results week 2 brings for me! If you are interested in learning more about the fix extreme, or joining an upcoming challenge group, fill out the application below! 
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