DON'T work for Beachbody!! Make Beachbody work for YOU!

I'm sure you have a lot of assumptions about what a Beachbody coach is, and what they do (that is if you even know what they are). I will be straight up with you....your assumptions are wrong, and here is why. 

There is no set criteria of what a coach needs to be. Of course there are guidelines we follow to make sure that we are properly representing the company, but really you can make this opportunity anything you want it to be! Aside from our 3 vital behaviors which consist of: Being a product of the product, inviting people to join us, and personal development, the coaching opportunity is a blank slate of opportunity waiting for you to create amazingness.

What do I mean? I mean that the products work...we are all representation of that. The thing is, coaching goes way beyond a product. You can make coaching whatever you want it to be! I love that each coach has their own unique niche, talent, something of value that they can give to the world. Beachbody coaching is the platform, the tool, to create something so much bigger!

Everyday more and more people are recognizing that implementing a healthy lifestyle greatly improves quality of life. That is something that all coaches believe, but I believe that going beyond the health and fitness is what truly makes an impact

Today I wanted to give you a few examples of coaches in our business that aren't working for Beachbody, they are making Beachbody work for them!

Katy Ursta, Beachbody Coach, Cancer, LLS

This is Katy Ursta. In February of 2014 Katy was home on maternity leave, trying to build her Beachbody business when she was diagnosed with Stage 4 Hodgkin's Lymphoma. That is devastating news for anyone let alone someone who had just had a baby, and who's insurance was about to run out. Where some people may want to give up, put Beachbody on hold, and deal with life (which would have been 100% understandable), Katy decided that she was going to make her MESS her MESSAGE, and use Beachbody as a platform to inspire other people to push through whatever they were going through. While Katy endured chemotherapy and everything that goes along with a cancer diagnosis throughout 2014, she also inspired...she worked out, she shared her story, her journey, and anything she possibly could. 

Katy Ursta, Beachbody Coach, Cancer, LLS,

It just so happened that while being sick with cancer, Katy was still able to not only work her Beachbody business, but actually significantly grow it. Through social media she was able to reach out to other fighters and offer them inspiration, motivation, and hope. Yes she is a Beachbody coach, but it's so much more than that. 

Katy continues to inspire all of us daily. She was recently nominated for the Pittsburgh Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Woman of the Year, and is currently raising money for cancer research. Katy is a prime example of how NOT to work for Beachbody, but make Beachbody work for YOU! 

Scottie Hobbs, Beachbody Coach

This is Scottie Hobbs. Scottie was working his BUTT off at a desk job. He had a beautiful wife, and children that he needed to provide for and part of that was working...a lot! It came to the point where he hardly saw his wife because they worked opposite schedules. When he first signed up as a Beachbody coach, he couldn't even do so from his own home...he had no internet. He borrowed his neighbors computer and signed up because he believed in the company, the products, and the vision. Coaching wasn't easy with kids, a wife, a full time job, but Scottie did what it took to make it work for him. He would work on his coaching business late at night after the kids went to bed, and would use his lunch breaks at work to sleep. He knew that finding a way to make it work, even if not ideal at that moment, would significantly pay off and better his life. So that is what he did! 3 years later, Scottie has been in the top ten coaches, works full time as a coach, and was just inducted into the millionaire club. 

His story stands out to me because before coaching his life was just going through the motions. He hardly ever got to see his wife, or spend time with his family the way he would like. Beachbody provided him with the opportunity to change that. It wasn't easy...but it was worth it. That's the thing, this is NOT a get rich quick scheme, but with hard work, you can make it work! Although in the beginning he had to make lots of sacrifices like sleep, now he is able to enjoy LOTS of time with his family, and live his life in a way he could of only dreamed of! Oh and p.s. it's a good thing he can do that now because baby #5 is on the way...yes 5! 

Melanie Mitro, Beacbody coach,

This is Melanie Mitro. I hold a very special place in my heart for her because SHE is the reason I am here. Melanie is my coach. When I first joined Melanie's team almost 3 years ago now, she was just an average coach, running challenge groups, helping people see results from the program. She was a stay at home mom who had the vision of just helping 1 person see results. Over the past 3 years Melanie went from stay at home small town mom to stay at home #1 coach in all of Beachbody. She had two kids, a husband who wasn't on board with her coaching, and lots of unsupportive people around her. She made coaching work for her! With hard work and determination Melanie not only eventually made her husband a believer, she has grown a team of over 10,000 coaches. She found a way to balance everything so that she could give her family the attention they deserve, as well as her business the attention it deserved. She now makes a CEO income from the comfort of her own home, and is living her life by design. Everyday I am extremely grateful that she ran with the coaching opportunity and that her and I crossed paths!

Jaime Messina, Beachbody Coach, Confidence, Jo Dee Messina

So what about me? How am I making Beachbody work? Well, I took how this company helped me grow, and turned that into something where I can help others grow in the same way. I saw a physical transformation with Beachbody, but for me the growth in confidence is what truly impacted my life. I now help others improve confidence, as well as their health and fitness. I have created a team culture around my belief of the law of attraction, positive thinking, and personal development. Every day I strive to help my challengers, AND coaches, help themselves to become better people. I use Beachbody as a platform to spread positivity in a world over saturated with negativity. I help people see the power of their mind, and thoughts, and go a step further by helping them put those things into action. I have a vision is to help as many people as possible become confident enough to achieve whatever it is that they hope to achieve in life. I feel that the more people I can help do that, the better the world will be. Beachbody coaching is our tool, our platform to make things happen. 

Think it can be YOUR platform? I want to hear from you. I am currently looking for people to join my team of coaches who want to make a difference, have a purpose, and achieve greatness. If this is you, fill out the application below! 

"It's never too late to become what you might have been"

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