Ultimate Reset


Here are links to my blog from my time doing The Ultimate Reset. I didn't blog during the last week of the reset. Overall, the food was really good (I am now obsessed with beets), and after the cleanse was done I felt AMAZING! Since I have done the reset, there have been a few adjustments to the cleanse such as shorter meal prepping. I have had several challengers do the cleanse and see really good results. They have told me they lost weight, are sleeping better, one challenger even believed her asthma got better as a result. They all said they learned a lot about portion sizes and what foods they like that they never knew they would! If you are looking for a good cleanse this is the way to go! You can message me with any questions you have about it!

Pre Reset
Reset Eve
Day 1
Day 2
phase 1 weekend
End of phase 1
last day of phase 1

Phase 2 release phase
phase 2
end of phase 2


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